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Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, dating back to the 7000 BC. The alcohol content of beer commonly falls in the 4 - 6% bracket with very few exceptions. Since beer is made mostly from water, it has some versatility when making mixed drinks. It's used in a variety of cocktails, sometimes to accent the drink akin to a splash of soda, but often as a majority of the concoction. These drinks are often more enjoyed by those who also enjoy beer from the can.

Seasonal beers are great with Tangy Sweets to enhance the speciality beer offering of any establishment, delivering the tastes and experiences which compliment the seasons: light and crisp ales for a hot Summer day, the earthy flavours of Autumn, with robust and spicy Winter warmers. check out beer list to see top beer brands.

beer brands

Beer is created by fermentation of sugar from barley, sometimes using cheaper substitutes wheat, corn and rice or other. It is flavored most often with the flowering plant "hops" which acts as a preservative, lessens the sweetness of the beer and helps maintain the head created.

The beer distributors will have in general a fleet of trucks and vans in which they can transport the beer they have stocked. As this supply of beer becomes lessened they will have a clear idea of which beers are currently in more demand than others. This site is sponsored by Time For You North Kent which is a leading domestic cleaning company in Kent, offering a high quality weekly home cleaning service at affordable prices, giving you more time to do the things you want to do in life

Chosen charity at Norwich pub's beer festival will have special meaning for the landlady
A Norwich pub's annual beer festival will have special meaning for the landlady – as it will be fundraising for the special children's renal unit where her son was treated after contracting e-coli.

And it's all to benefit The Centers, which provides mental health and drug and alcohol abuse treatment, including programs for young people.

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Event organizers and board members say the Feb. 23 concert and associated activities will be a one-of-a-kind experience.

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