Are you coming to the Kent beer Festival in 2016?

If looking for a fun day out with both family and friends than you could do worse than joining us to celebrate our greatest love beer and more bitter. 2016 hopefully sees biggest event which was attended in 2016 by over 8000 loving beer swilling locals. We have a number of breweries to support the Kent beer Festival and if you're teetotaller you may want to stay away.

If you're looking to purchase tickets and tickets sales become available in July and can be purchased online. Please note it is a first-come first-served basis, and tickets can be reserved. Tickets will not be available on the day. See admission

The Kent beer Festival 2016 introduces a whole host of locally brewed beers to the market. With names like Kentish Brown, an old mother Hubbard we promise you a taste fantastic that will have you wanting more and more.

Please note that car parking facilities at the festival are limited and of course due to be likelihood of consuming so much alcohol we have arranged for a number of local taxi companies to be posted all round the festival. We should also like to thank a number of our sponsors which include a number of local Kent businesses for all their help and efforts in ensuring that the 2016 Festival is both memorable (hangovers aside) and a successful as 2016 . In advance we would like to thank the Kentish orchestra and folk music band for providing all of the music and entertainment free of charge this year.

We look forward to meeting you greeting you and sharing a pint!